The crispy December breeze made its way into the Lagos commercial bus vehicle also popularly called ‘ danfo’, Chukwuma could hear very clearly the grumbling in his stomach, it sounded as if he had just fart but the truth was that he was really hungry. He had not had anything to eat for three days. Reminiscing about the few decades he had spent on earth and how life decided to take a tough turn on him, he was lost in his thoughts. He had suffered from the first day he was born to a drunk and a teenager. His father died when he was ten in an accident while he was driving his cab drunk and at that time his mum was pregnant with his younger sister. His mum died at child birth making himself and his sister orphans with no idea of any relatives anywhere to help. Now he 19 and had done every odd job he could to keep himself and his sister alive. suffering had hit a nerve.
‘Pako!’, the conductor’s chant of his stop had brought him out of his thought. Chukwuma was on his way to meet some guys he had become friends with at the construction site. They were all older than he was but he looked older than he was, the hardship he was experiencing made him look like a twenty five year old man.
They were small time robbers and wanted to bring Chukwuma into the plan to rob the owner of the building they where laborers in. They had an intel that the owner was going to make a withdrawal of five hundred thousand naira that day to payoff some expenses on the house construction the next day, therefore, they needed a five man gang to rob the building and Chukwuma just made the number five man.
Chukwuma’s Job was simple but the most risky part. He was to keep watch while the others went in to attack the building, so, that night they went on to rob the house but unfortunately for them the police post was not very far from the house and was well funded with ammunition. This five man gang had only 1 gun at their disposal with machetes and while they made their way into the building they had not done it quietly and that gave the victim of the robbery time to alert the police.

* * *
Chukwuma and one of the other gang members got shot while they were trying to flee and they both died in the process. The other three were arrested and charged to court.
Now Chukwuma’s. Sixteen year old younger sister has no idea what had happened to her brother. She is hungry and vulnerable. There are lots of Chukwuma’s sisters out there guys please this is a season for reaching out to the needy out there. Please reach out and show some love to people.



Ever thought of time as a competition?. Its a one man army against everything that exists in the creation story. From dust to man, everything. Time, being a foe and friend to all alike decided to show itself to man, animals see it but cannot comprehend it. Vegetation feels it pass by every second but has become part of it. It beats my imagination that time moves faster than anyone but at a slow and steady pace on a wall clock, Its like running a race against someone you can totally predict their movements. We see ourselves beating time but in the end we always lose. Its been centuries in this insane world and i am part of those running against time from the time i was sentenced to a prison called Earth for a term called “Till you die” and the oldest inmate in this prison is time, he is the warden too, haha. Well we are all in this race together and time has caught up with many, on the same pace with some and yet ahead of many. See your finish line and beat time to it. Its a race and a bloody one at that.


For Dunni

So much emotion in there….wow

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There was a tinge of sorrow in the sculptor’s eyes as he hunched over the lump of clay. Just as a sparrow sped over head and brushed past, he wondered what he would do about this one.

7699543-teenage-girl-writing-diary-and-dreaming-about-love (1)

He knew and saw it all. Quietly his fingers caressed the mold, stained with red dust they moved swiftly and assuredly. He bent and for what seemed like an eternity he exhaled…

”You shall be like me. Do not fret about the seconds that follow or the days hidden in the mist of the morrow. You are my child, born after my likeness.”

The angels watched anxiously. The sculptor had announced that an unusual event would take place. Something that would give sense to all the previous events. They had listened earnestly and patiently. The sculptor was painstaking with this last creature. They were to be this one’s servants. A creature of dust?

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Real Story Of Nigeria…Things Fall Apart

Things fall Apart for the civilian government, the police report of August 1966 reported thus, “….sometime during August 1965, a small group of army officers dissatisfied with political developments began to plot the overthrow of the government…..”. Some of the January 15 1966 coup planners include Major Nzeogwu, Major Ifeajuna, Major Anuforo, Major Ademoyega, Major Okafor amongst others. Their reason for the coup was simple, Corruption of the government officials. The plan was to strike simulteneously in all regional capitals, arrest leading politicians and kill anyone that resists, kill all senior army officers to avoid reprisals, block Niger and Benue to prevent troop movement and finally, form a new government.
In the coup Ahmadu Bello and Okotie-Eboh were abducted, Samuel Akintola resisted arrest and was killed other major politicians survived. Ironsi was also one of the targets as he was a senior officer but he survived. In the beginning I asked what changed from Nigeria being the great African country to a land of no hope for tomorrow. It was the events of January 1966. Although the coup plotters were not successful in taking over power but they were effective in destroying the government. the surviving members of the government led by Nwafor Orizu handed over power to the military and the reason they gave was the volatile internal insecurity in the country and that day marked the begining of dictatorship in Nigeria.
Who was Ironsi?. Ironsi was a 42 year old officer who was born in Umuahia in the East,Nigeria. He had joined the Nigerian army in 1942 as a private and worked his way up to Major general by 1964. He was the first Nigerian to ever head the Nigerian army, he was an officer’s officer, trained by the British and a firm beliver in the non-political role of the army.
Although, the South was under the control of Ironsi but the North was still under the control of Major Nzeogwu, now you can get the picture of the tribal tension Nigeria was headed, the Igbos versus the Hausa’s. Ironsi while in power made some mistakes that led to his eventual overthrow and death. First he did not assasinate the coup plotters and secondly, he announced a unification decree which centralized power and reduced the previous autonomy of the regions.
In July 1966, after seven months in power, Ironsi’s government was overthrown in a bloody Northern counter coup. The Northerners had suffered the most casualties in the January coup since majority of the coup plotters were Igbo and were itching to get their revenge. Ironsi was at Ibadan at that time was turned up,thken to the bush,beaten by his own guards and was eventually murdered. It may interest you to know that the two majoy players in the coup were Muritala Mohammed and Theophilus Danjuma. Theophilus was the head of Ironsi’s personal security detail. With the ongoing events, Igbos began to flee the Northern region and were received by a military officer Ironsi had appointed to led the Eastern Region, his name was LT. Colonel Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. Ojukwu knew his people were distressed and expressed his dissatisfaction to Lagos. Meanwhile in Lagos the Northerners were having discussions on how to move foward with some high placed civilians, the British and American ambassadors in Ikeja of whom were advicing the North against session. The Northerners then decided to appoint the highest ranking officer LT. Colonel Yakubu Gowon at the expence of Muritala who led the coup. Muritala would never forgive Gowon for this.
Ojukwu immediately rejected this decision in the East that even though Gowon was the most senior Northern officer he was not the highest ranking Nigerian officer and these were the events that will lead to the Nigerian civil war. It was a genocide as the Igbos were mercilessly killed in by the Northerners. The Nation was decending to Anarchy. A solution needed to be found to prevent the country from imploding. Ojukwu saw a potential way out in Awo who was still in prison. If Awo was released from Prison and decided to take the Yoruba’s out of Nigeria in protest of Northern domination then Ojukwu could do the same for the Igbo’s. Oil had been discovered in the East and it was clear how much could be generated from the oil. So, Awo on his release instead of announcing Yoruba session accepted a position as the highest ranking civilian in Gowon’s administration essentially creating a North-South alliance and leaving the East in the cold. It is ironic, that Awo one of the people that brought independence to Nigeria would support a completely undemocratic government. That gives us an insight on how much he wanted to be in power. Another question is why the British did not oppose the illegitimate government, well, I guess nothing will really change for Britain. Either way, the implication of what the British and what Awo failed to do are clear, they acknowledged an illegitimate regime and set the stage for coups, curruption and illegitimate take overs.
Today is a result of yesterday’s mistakes. In the movie the narrators said, ” I close this film with a challange to all those who care about Nigeria and its future, we have a duty to leave a better legacy for our successes, we have a responsibility to create a nation we can be proud of, we need to return to a place where to be Nigerian is to be great, where everyone enjoys a minimum standard of life, where the accident of death is not the sole determinant of your prospects, we need to take our rightful place as the greatest black Nation in the world, i have no magic solution about how we would do this but i know two things, one, revolution starts with the individual and two right now the wind is behind us.”


The Real Story Of Nigeria contd

I’m sorry for the late release of this piece, I have really gotten busy these days but I promise to work more on posting more stuff regularly. Enjoy.
By an act of the British parliament Nigeria became an independent sovereign nation on the 1ST of October 1960.  Tafawa Balewa was elected prime minister, Nnamdi Azikiwe formed a coalition government with him and became Governor General and Obafemi Awolowo became head of the official opposition. At independence Nigeria practiced a parliamentary system of government. Three main political parties existed, the National council of Nigeria and Cameroon (NCNC) which had control of the Eastern region and was led by Nnamdi Azikiwe. The Nothern Peoples Congress (NPC) which had control of the Northern region and was led by Ahmadu Bello and the Action Group (AG) which had control of the Western region and was led by Obafemi Awolowo.
The parties represented the three main tribes the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba a bad situation in a country that was supposed to be united as one. It meant that the ruling party only represented one constituency in this case, the North. Now the question was, ‘Why was the North so powerful?’. The answer is simply Because the British had designed it to be that way. First they had created a Northern region which was by far the largest in geography and population hence giving it the most seat in parliament. Secondly, the North had always been ruled indirectly so, the local customs and power structures had remained untouched and thirdly, rumors had it that the British helped the North get into power through various dubious methods like vote rigging and compulsory voters registration.
The founders of Nigeria were very intelligent people. However, they were very ambitious and had deep mistrust for each other. Awolowo always felt that the Yoruba’s should be the leaders and felt bad being leader of the opposition, Azikiwe on the other hand was just a figure head similar to the position of the queen in England today. In fact, Azikiwe only joined with the NPC because Fetus Okotie Eboh had forced him to. Festus Okotie Eboh was the minister for Labour and Welfare during the colonial rule and Finance minister after the Independence. Festus was in charge of financing the NCNC party a role which gave him a lot of power and eventually led to his appointment as minister of Finance. No one really understood of questioned how Festus was able to raise money but according to Harold Smith this money that he raised came form UK multinationals who were forced by the foreign office to make donations to the NCNC. Given his control of such funds it is no wonder Okotie-Eboh was very powerful. Azikiwe had always financed the Party but as he was running out of money Festus was fast replacing him as the key person behind the party. Hence British propaganda which was evident in the fact that festus was mentioned in every filmed event about colonial Nigeria was that one day Okotie would replace Azikiwe and they would have their man in Power. Okotie also had some wonderful achievements in Nigeria. He was the one responsible for bringing Julius Berger to Nigeria and the construction of the Eko bridge but his corrupt practices have continued to dog Nigeria till date.
Now back to the story. it was very clear that Nigerian politics was divided along ethnic lines and with the North in power and having more seats in parliament no major decision could be taken in Parliament if the North opposed it. For the south, it was clear that the only way they could enter power was through a constitutional amendment which was unlikely or violence. The creation of the mid-west states led by Dennis Osadebay on the 9th of August 1963  had a positive impact as it brought a new voice to Nigerian politics with respect to the minority ethnic groups in that region. But the nagetive impact was that it made the North stronger. Other developments also contributed to the strength of the North like the Action Group crises which was an Ideology rift between the leaders of the AG, Obafemi Awolowo and Samuel Akintola. The crisis spout a fight in the Western region and the federal government declared a state of emergency in the West and appointed Dr M.A Majekodunmi as a temporary administrator for western Nigeria. Dr Majekodunmi’s first act was to put all the prominent politicians in the West under house arrest and to lunch an investigation into Obafemi Awolowo led by Justice T.B Coker and it was found that Awolowo used public money to finance the AG and also uncovered evidence linking Awolowo with a conspiracy to overthrow the government. Awolowo was immediately charged with Treason along with some major politicians including Chief Anthony Enahoro, Latief Jakande and Josiah Olawoye. Most were found guilty and Awolowo with several others were sentenced to ten years imprisonment.
With all these dynamic politicians in prison, public confidence in the political and judicial structure were seriously weakened. By 1964, when new election were to be held the situation was quite bad, civil abuses were wide spread as the flamboyant lives of many ministers made it clear that public funds were being diverted for personnal use, in parliament, the AG had more or less disappeared as a result of the Awolowo issue. This meant that there was no formal opposition party.
The NCNC on the other hand had now strengthened its position by taking control of the Mid-western region which was formaly controlled by the AG of the West. The NPC was in close rapport with the new NNDP led by Chief Samuel Akintola which now controlled what was left of the Western region. So it meant that the first election since independence was contested by two large alliances, one led by the NPC and the other by the NCNC, essentially putting the North against the South and the birth of the rift between the Igbo’s and Hausa’s.
It was a high stake situation but Ahmadu Bello in an interview called it an ‘odd controversy’. The North wanted to make sure they remained in power, the South wanted to have a taste of that power. It is now election  and on both sides there was massive vote rigging. It was so bad that there was violence and outwrite ballot box stuffing. About 2000 people lost their lives to the violence of the election in the West. So its 1965 and the army is watching from the sidelines and is getting frustrated as they see the Elite fight each other for power due to the ongoing violence in many parts of the country they have been deployed to police these situations. They watch as people stuff ballot boxes and common Nigerian’s ask them to stop the chaos and violence, all these caused a nerve to snap in the minds of the younger officers and this was directly responsible for the first Nigerian Coup……………………………………………..
The story continues……………..please leave your comments and share.


THE REAL STORY OF NIGERIA ( A film by Kunle Olanrewaju)


Ahmadu Bello

Ahmadu Bello

Nnamdi Azikiwe
Nnamdi Azikiwe
Funmilayo Ransome kuti
Funmilayo Ransome kuti
Jaja Wachuku
Jaja Wachuku
Obafemi Awolowo
Obafemi Awolowo
Alj Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
Alj Abubakar Tafawa Balewa

Nigeria is part of West Africa. It covers an area of over 339 000 square miles. It is a land of many tribes, language, people and views. The country ranges from the desert on the side of the Sahara through the cattle grazing pastures  to the mineral hills of the central Plateau and down to the coast and swamps of the River Delta.
The Nigerian green passport, the official travel document of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa entitles the holder to extra scrutiny and harassment all over the world. It wasn’t always like this. Nigerians were once respected and even honored all over the world but what changed?. To understand Nigeria you have to appreciate where it came from.
It all started in the 1900’s when Britain officially assumed responsibility for the administration of the whole of what we now know as Nigeria from the Niger company. Gradually over the years British protectorates were established all over the country and in 1914 the protectorates were amalgamated into one Nigeria but there is also one thing that needs mentioning.  In order for Britain to take over the territories from the Niger company the British government paid 865 000 pounds, a huge amount in the 1900’s. So, lets establish  a simple truth the British did not travel half way across the world to spread democracy, Nigeria started as a Business deal for them, a deal between a company and a government. Unfortunately the Niger company is still around only this time known as Unilever but that another story for another day. Lot of countries are born out of shared ideals and common identity but Nigeria was simply created to fulfill a business requirement of supplying goods and services to Great Britain. It is no wonder that after almost fifty years of this injustice Nigerians began to fight for their independence.
On June 1947 delegates of the Nigerian Union Of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) went to London, they were also members of the legislative council and they wanted self government for the Nigerian people. Some of the delegates include Jaja A. Wachukwu, Funmi Ransome Kuti(Activist), Adeleke Adedoyin, Nnamdi Azikiwe amongst others. These Nigerians were on a mission for their country. They had a goal and they gave speeches and granted interviews in their full traditional attires and they were taken seriously. After the queen’s visit in 1956 our Independence was no longer far from sight.
It was 1957 and there was a constitutional conference. It was decided that the regions should have an internal government. At a date the following year it was decided that a date in 1960 should be fixed for independence. The Eastern and Western Regions automatically became autonomous while the North exercising the right of self determination decided to wait till March 1959 before making the change to Regional self government. In August 1957, Nigeria’s first federal prime minister was appointed  Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa now Sir Abubakar.
In December 1959 members were elected into the House of Representatives and Sir Abubakar was confirmed in office. One of the first act of the new government was to Petition the United Kingdom for independence in 1960 in accordance from the promise made in London two years earlier. The change from dependent to Independent state had been deliberate but orderly. Nigeria was now ready to stand with the Commonwealth countries and play her full part as a member nation. A country of over 39 million people was now Independent.
It is the First Republic and it started so well with a per capita income of $103.
To be continued…….


Blessing’s Arrival 2

In the last verse of the first chapter of Genesis in the holy book, it is written that ” And God saw everything he had made, and behold, it was very good.” If this is so then anyone will ask “where on earth did we get our flaws?”, our imperfection from, was the beautiful face and smiles just a cover for those imperfections. I  watched a movie some time ago and a character in the movie said ” I look and see the evil man thinks in his heart and carries out and I wonder if God really exists to see these things happen but then i look well and see that man cannot be capable of such magnificent evil on his own, their evil works is in fact a proof that a God exists.”
Well guys lets go back to the events that make up Blessing’s arrival.
I was in my age of puberty. As crazy as that period is for females so is it for males too. So many crazy things happen up there and by up there I mean my head, the guys will relate with this better. I was raised to be the indoor type of guy, so i was no very socially active but it improved after my family and I moved to Ikorodu, better put I usually got in a state of hyperventilation which was really obvious when i was around people especially females around my age.
Blessing had only spent a few days in my house when she began to really began to show who she really was. I noticed she was being furtive. I was still in secondary school so I always left early for school and came back in the evening and sometimes as a result of Lagos traffic I come late sometimes. Mum was overwhelmed by Blessing’s presence, even my younger brother “her baby” was no longer getting a lot of mum’s attention, but after sometime mum was the one complaining more of Blessing than anyone else, mum said she lacked dexterity. I noticed that myself too and she lied most of the time.
When i began to get into more conversations with Blessing, I noticed that she lacked eloquence which meant her educational foundation was messed up but what I could not explain was her close to perfect o’level result.
One evening i came back home and i saw Blessing at home which was rather unusual because she was supposed to be in the restaurant helping mum,it was at this time customers come around, Blessing was lying on the couch with her arms folded across her chest with her knees raised allowing her feet rest on the furniture,she was wearing a mini skirt and her posture exposed her undies, it was a red panty. she looked pallid, at first i thought she was not well but when i took a closer look i saw tear drops. I dropped my back pack and walked to her to find out what had happened, she did not give me a reply at first she only took a quick look at me and looked away again. I asked again but louder this time like she had not heard me the first time in an attempt to also  tell her to change her posture , this time she looked at me and answered faintly but also in a  seductive manner, ” Mummy slapped me”, i was still waiting for her to continue at least the reason why mummy had smacked her face but she didn’t, so I asked why mummy slapped her but she didn’t reply she just continued crying. I could not stand her crying, apart from the fact that i had been seeing her in my dreams these past few days.  I feared making advances at her would be wrong, Gosh! I’m supposed to take this girl as a sister.  Trying to fight back the terrible thoughts coming into my head i bent slightly to wipe the tear from her face with my hand before i knew what was happening she leaned forward to give me a hug, i obliged telling her not to cry again, my head was going to explode,my head was in chaos, i thought i was dreaming. When she got released herself of my firm hold, perhaps i was holding her too tight as a result of my thoughts she gave me a peck and left the house.
It was an evening of bliss for me. I could not contain my happiness in my head, so she liked me too. Like a kid that I was I started helping Blessing do her chores before I left the house to school every morning, i was love struck. I starved at school to save my pocket money to buy Blessing recharge cards. Blessing gave me a hug and peck every morning before I left for school and that was ok for me. i used her picture as my wall paper and mummy called me onetime after seeing it asking if I had gotten involved with Blessing but I answered her furtively, she was my mum and could tell when I was telling lies but she started talking about me getting a girl pregnant and how i would destroy my future but it didn’t matter all that mattered was that Blessing loved me at least that was what she told me.
It was mid-term break and mummy was going to the market and my younger brother was also going to my uncle’s house that morning. it was about  10:30 am when mum and Dami left the house. Blessing had to see mum off to bring yams back home form the street nearby. While i did my chores i was excited at the fact that i was going to be home alone with Blessing  and I was going to man up and kiss her like they did in movies. I was in the kitchen when I heard a familiar knock, it had to be Blessing no one else knocks on the door that way, I was sweating in my palms and while i opened the door a cold chill ran down my spine, it felt like i wanted to urinate but there was no urine.
She stepped into the house and asked if i was going to eat yam, i was not hungry but i just replied “yes” unsure, my heart started beating faster when she walked past me towards her room. I followed like it was an invitation to her room and indeed it was. she turned around as she entered her room and placed a gentle kiss on my lips, i was in heaven, we kissed for some time then we were on the bed. I could not help the thought of the fact that i was going to loose my “virginity” that day but another thought came, the dreaded HIV, the different and constant advertisements of the disease came rushing through my mind. I still had my trousers on but i felt  a tingling sensation down there while Blessing was sitting on my lap facing me while we kissed, after a while I climaxed, it was crazy at first to me, how did that happen, i still had my trouser on and an underwear and blessing still had her underwear on. I was a kid with no experience like my friends would say i was a ‘learner’. Well just some seconds after that happened my younger brother knocked, “why is he back so early?”, Blessing asked jumping off me I replied with a goofy expression.
Now it has been three weeks since that event and I had started my WAEC examination already, I saw less of Blessing which was good for me. But the day i had my Economics paper was the day I’ll never forget, Mum came to the sitting room where i was trying to read and asked me if I was having  sex with Blessing because she thought Blessing was pregnant. My heart sank, { forgot everything I read that instant and before I could reply mum she had already made her conclusion by my reaction, ” osenobua me( my God), Tomiwa has killed me” , mum muttered, “i i i…” i was trying to find words to explain, ” you what?’ mum yelled, “Blessing!” mum shouted again, I’m not sure Blessing answered but she came to the sitting room, “Blessing you are pregnant” mum said as she walked in, “no ma” replied Blessing sharply, but i could tell she was lying, the events of three weeks ago started to flash back in my head, i was doomed.
When mum calmed down she said they were going for a lab test that morning and when I came back from school we would discuss what to do next.
I could not concentrate in the examination hall, so this is how I’ll end up, ” Baba Bomboy” is what I will now be known as, “my dad will definitely disown me” i said to myself. I spent more time on that paper more than any other paper I had written previously. After i finished i headed straight home, some of my friends kept asking if i was OK because i was not generous in the hall that day while others just scorned at me, but my problem was bigger than that.
I eventually got home to find mum, Blessing and another lady mum introduced as Blessings aunt. Blessing had confessed that it was one of the boys she met on our street after she told mum previously that it was me that got her pregnant. They had gone to the house where she had sex with the guy but they said no guy by that name lived there and the name was not familiar. I got to find out that it was the day mum slapped her she met the guy. Mum had sent her on an errand that day when she met him and came back late  without what mum asked her to buy.
After those events, i promised myself never to make that mistake again of getting involved with a girl until i was actually ready for marriage, Blessing left with her Aunt and I have not heard from or about what happened to her since then. Perhaps her plan was to push it to me and have my future destroyed but God saved me big time. So,message to the guys please zip up and girls mind what you wear please. There is a great future for us to build with God as our ultimate guide.
Hope you enjoyed this piece, and like i said some of it happened in my head oo.
More to come…..
I’m Olumuyiwa Fatoba a  student of Economics in the Obafemi Awolowo University, I’m a christian and I love God, I like watching movies, reading and playing football. Please dont enjoy this alone, share and leave your comments……..lego!!!!!!!!